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How do I choose it?

Hic Sunt Leones Berenice

Once you have identified the cattery, or the catteries, start asking yourself the important questions: what is my lifestyle? How many hours  do I spend at home? How many hours  would the cat be alone?  What is my family like? Who will mainly take care of the cat? And so on.

You might  find out that  two kittens  are the right choice for you, because Maine Coons suffer too much from loneliness and you should not leave them alone  for too many hours every day. Or  you may decide to prefer a female who, as an adult, will have a smaller "size". Or with small children at home you may decide to take home the kitten at 4 or 5 months, when it will be more capable of handling  the relationship with the little humans and to control the "retractability" of his claws.

What  for us it is the last thing to evaluate   is the  color even though we know it's a lost battle. Whichever color you prefer, ask the breeder  to tell you about the character of kittens. Some things can be seen immediately  because every kitten has traits  of the  personalities that you see from a very young age. There is always  the Explorer, the Shy one,   the little Simpering one, the Big Eater, the  Cuddly one  or the Clown. But know that once in your home they will adapt to your family, if there are other animals that already have the role of spoiled-child they will adapt to the new hierarchy. And if you have caught the most timid, it may be that  without his little bully brother  around, he will be able to be seen in all his hilarious way of being.

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