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How do I welcome it?

Hic Sunt Leoned Eduardo De Filippo

This  is a mini guide  for purchases to be made before but also after the arrival of a Maine Coon kitten


How to prepare the house:


Maine Coons are very fond of climbing and observing the world from above, so we recommend providing them with a "scratching post" (we have one in each room) suitable for their size that will also preserve sofas and armchairs from being used in improper way. At first no taller than 120cm, preferably, then as the kitten grows, height can be increased.  The preferred location for the scratching post is near the window so that they can observe the outside world and have some distraction.

Litter box (bentonite sand or super clumping ok, silicon no)

Bowls possibly ceramic or steel (preferably low and wide)

Fountain for water (not essential)

Some toys like a stick with feathers (even if the most beautiful game in the world will always be the ball of crumpled up tinfoil).


For his fur:

A soft bristle brush will serve as a cuddle and to get them used to being manipulated and touched pleasantly throughout the body, including the parts that will need to be combed to avoid annoying knots (friction areas such as groin or armpits). I use a small brush like those for polishing shoes. If you have a baby brush that's fine too.

An antistatic comb

A small carder.


Don't be persuaded to take the Furminator or other brushes that shorten the hair. If there will be a need for a de-matting we will see in a couple of years, when the cat will have a little more woolly hair when neutered.


What to always keep at home for the eventuality:

Lactic ferments paste (Florentero or Enteromicro or Carobin Pet, or sachets for humans type VIVOMIXX)

Colloidal Ionic Silver at least 25 ppm  


Both the Silver and the Lactoferrins are good to buy on the internet, you can find cheap packages and they arrive immediately. They are natural products with a fortifying impact on the immune system, without side effects. They are used as eye drops or wound disinfectant (the first) and as a restoration of intestinal flora, to support the gums and mouth health (both). I always buy them on Amazon.


Around 5 months, the cat begins to change its teeth, so you may find yourself having to give a chlorhexidine-based gel to protect and relieve a little (stomodine).

Check the cat's chin because cats also suffer from juvenile ACNE, and if you see blackheads, they look like scabs, it's good to give some chlorhexidine there too.

To soften and remove these crusts (the size is like a pin point), Silver and a fine-toothed comb such as the one used for fleas can be useful.

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