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I want a Maine Coon!

Cuccioli Hic Sunt Leones
Ob Rem Lira della Tribù del Deserto, Crissie

Why a Maine Coon?

For a few decades now, the Maine Coon's fortune has grown year after year, to become the most loved cat by Italian families. Every year the Italian National Feline Association (ANFI), to which we belong, issues an average of 2500 new pedigrees (Genealogical certificates). What is this luck due to?

Perchè un MC?

What does a Maine Coon  look like?

We call it "the MUCH CAT" because it is a lot! Lots of tail, lots of fur. Lots of muzzle, lots of ears… The FIFe standard, to which we refer in the selection, describes the Maine Coon as a cat with a large, rectangular body, with a powerful and robust appearance. The head is medium with its ears set high, broad at the base and pointed.

Hic Sunt Leones Titus
Com'è MC
Cuccioli Hic Sunt Leones

What to know?

It is a natural breed and therefore robust, the first "working" cat in history, probably due to its character predisposed to the relationship with humans and other human companions. He suffers from loneliness and, in general, he does not like to be alone except during his afternoon "naps". In company he gives his best.

Cosa sapere

Where can I find it?

Here with us! Maine Coon is a very bred breed in Italy and not because breeding them is easy, quite the contrary. We recommend looking for it in recognised catteries  that issue Ministry-approved Genealogical Certificates (Pedigrees), accept cattery visits, show kittens together with their parents, declare what genetic tests and screening they do on their breeders.

Pippi e i suoi cuccioli Hic Sunt Leones
Cuccioli Hic Sunt Leones

How do I choose it?

With heart. The aesthetic aspect  is a subjective question. What we can say about objective is the character. Visit the cattery and see it by yourself: the Maine Coon comes and meet you, plays with you, does not hide, it is funny and crafty as a kitten. Choose it with a good bone structure and a nice long tail… color is the last of the important things to us.


How do I welcome it?

Maine Coons are very fond of climbing and observing the world from above, so we recommend providing them with a "scratching post" (we have one in each room) suitable for their size that will also preserve sofas and armchairs from being used in an improper way. The preferred location for the scratching post is near the window so that they can observe the outside world and have some distraction.

Cuccioli Hic Sunt Leones

A sea of kittens

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