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What does a Maine Coon look like?

Hic Sunt Leones Titus

Speaking of shapes and sizes, the Maine Coon is   a cat  which can also become very large but  always remains well balanced.

The body is long and rectangular, forming a rectangle with medium-high legs. Seen from his size,   he  shows his long tail which is in harmony with the length of the body, followed by an elegant neck and by a medium-size head.

Seen from the front, you can see his beautiful   squared head, with ears high on the head, slightly pointed,  large, broad at the base with large tufts that  come out from inside and some tufts  that stand out on the tips.  

The muzzle is large and square, with a nice strong chin, while the profile is gently curved  and concave.

The eyes are large, slightly oblique and oval-like. His look   as an adult can  become threatening, but only the look, because the cat will always be very sweet.  

The legs are strong and sturdy, of medium height, and the feet and fingertips are large and  mighty. An adult Maine Coon is impressive, imposing, proud, with a certain something of   wild.

The coat is semi-long, short on the shoulders, head and legs,  gradually longer on the back and hips. The    tail is made of long flowing hair.

The colors and designs are the classic ones: red, black, blue  or cream, red and black or blue cream. All these colors can be with white, both with stripes and "solid color", and also with silver.  

The names given to  these colors are often the combination of different elements. For instance:  the black striped cat is called "brown", the pussies (because 99% or more are female) with spots, or hairs  mixed together, either  red or black or both blue and cream, are called "tortie", an English evolution   of "tortoise shell".  Silver striped cats are black  silver or red silver, but without the stripes they become black smoke or red smoke...  The Maine Coon can also be  all white,  in this case he may have some spots on his head as a child which then disappears over time.

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