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Would you like to breed?

Johnny su "La Repubblica", edizione di Bari 2013

The passion for cats is overwhelming at times.
But before talking about overwhelming passion  I would like to dispel any doubts about an easy and frequent misunderstanding: breeding cats does not earn anything, EVER.
Don't believe it and that's okay. You are neither the first nor the last. But if this is your project, find out before you start, which are pains!
Let's talk to those who want to breed for pure passion, whatever the cost: whether you think of a single litter every now and then or a real breeding program, some points are in common especially the first "you need to know what you do".
Bringing creatures into the world is a responsibility: the catteries are full of kittens in need of a mother and a father and if we take it into our heads to make them come into the world of others we must really give them the best starting conditions.
This means making a good initial investment, of time first and then of money.
Of time because you need to know what awaits you and which "schools of thought" to guide you (ergo inquire inquire inquire inquire), of money because you have to buy reproducers, take into account that it also takes a bit of luck because on many things you can have guarantees by meeting honest people, on other things no one can guarantee you anything.
If you know breeders you trust you can also find an agreement for a spin-off: you buy the females from them and for the external mount you rely on their experience and expertise waiting to learn and realize your project.
One thing not to be underestimated is the contractual part. At least a good contract for the mounts (if you will give them out or if you will buy them for your mares) an excellent contract for the sale of the puppies. I strongly advise against avoiding the contract for reasons of any kind. The idea that the Guardia di Finanza can arrive and request the payment of taxes on the income is easily overcome (as long as you are a small breeder with a few cats)  keeping all the receipts and all the invoices of the veterinarian: it is easily demonstrated that the "price" of the puppy is nothing more than a reimbursement of expenses.
I recommend that you take the contract you sign when purchasing your breeding stock and have it personalized by a lawyer of your choice.
Always bear in mind that all cats without pedigree are not purebred cats. So don't buy and don't sell.  The pedigree is a certificate of quality that costs from € 10  to € 20  therefore the only thing that involves you is a certain accuracy in the communications to the feline association that you will choose, to be ready for the checks they will carry out and to answer for your responsibilities. Nothing you don't already do for the love of your cats.
Decide where you want to go: do you just want to have a couple of litters a year of family-friendly puppies? OK: study and work a lot on the socialization aspect. The kittens will go to stay with the family and there they will find other bipeds or quadrupeds, even reptiles or small rodents or birds. The new home must never be a cause of trauma and the kitten must be able to enjoy his new family, become attached and  be pampered and spoiled.
Do you want to go to some cat show and maybe take home some cockades? Before buying the breeders, start attending cat shows and exhibitions, look at the breeders you like best overall (nice cats and good feeling) and try to hear if or who can sell you as a breeder: it is difficult if you go to the big names , but it's easier on small farms. Only then do you make your investment. Only from healthy parents, in standard, with a good pedigree, without genetic defects or hereditary diseases, can the cats that you bring in are born.  expo.
Do you want to breed cats to sell to other breeders but not personally participate in cat shows? As above you must first know the environment and attend it indirectly, understand what exhibitors are looking for and get yourself attractive lines. Also in this way you can have great satisfaction.
To conclude, the solution for any of your desires is Studying, Getting Informed and Knowing, then creating your own project and working on it.

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