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Why Mentoring?

Hic Sunt Leones Dexter

When I made the first phone calls to breeders to buy my first Maine Coons, many people said to me “NO: we don't sell for breeding”.

It was difficult for me to understand, so I asked: and the answers were no less obscure. Then I began to raise and enter into the problems and responsibilities of those who consciously decide to put in the way of creatures. Yes, because we decide who, with whom and when.


I discovered that to do things well and responsibly, or to guarantee each puppy the best starting conditions (which unlucky ones are already born quite spontaneously), you have to take it into your head to invest your time, money and study without having hurry to achieve results, also preparing not to have any or having to take steps backwards.
Gianni and I have embarked on this path and we have dedicated a lot of time to it, we have divided the roles also according to our inclinations: he who is more scientific has studied genetics then he explained it to me, I am more " mammina ”I studied more nutrition and so on.

A girl called me one day and asked me if I had puppies, and I asked her the big question: pet or breeding?
And she (very cute) said to me: but why are you all telling me that? Explain to me?

And there I came up with the most natural answer in the world: here you are looking for a Maine Coon kitten, before buying it you will want to make sure it is healthy and that it is a balanced kitten, right? Well if you decide to have your cat reproduce you must in turn be able to give those guarantees. Are you aware of how much it costs, what investments does it require? In short, are you prepared for a responsibility like that?

This is why Mentoring: we decide to sell by reproduction in the event that the person concerned accepts that we will guide him. For free, it is clear. We prefer to answer a thousand questions rather than hearing about cats not screened for HCM before mating, not having proper nutrition from before mating until three months after giving birth, about cats having three litters. year, of puppies sold without pedigree to say the least.

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