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In memory

Hic Sunt Leones Tula Tash


She is Tula Tash, daughter of Jonny and Safira, the first female Hic Sunt Leones, the first concrete fruit of our work as breeders. A gorgeous redhead with the extreme features of Father Johnny and the forehead and ears of Mother Safira. It is my pride, the good morning basin and  goodnight, the cat incarnation of feline mystery and magnetism. Despite the now mature age, he still has  ears set high, it is harmonious and majestic,   elegant  and princely.

Hic Sunt Leones BuyThis


...  but everyone knows him as Questy. The name comes from the fact that it was the only brown cat in a series of litters all of red with white, and the people who came to visit us, not knowing which cats to take, pointed at it saying "I buy this!". Too bad we do  we are required ...
A cat with a golden character, despite its grandeur  it is impossible not to love him!

Hic   Sunt Leones Rhum


Rhum the Gingercat is a majestic red cat, born on May 6, 2010, is  our first Hic Sunt Leones and our first Show cat. Strong but calm character, willing to do anything to sleep with you and  always on the hunt for scratchers behind the ears. Now he enjoys his well-deserved retirement in our garden, but for two years he toured Europe with us, wherever there was an exhibition. Not for nothing you can  boast the title of Supreme Champion and  DVM,  Distinguished  Variety Merit, which means at least 10 Best of Varieties  over a period of at least two years. We are really proud of him.

C riss ie

(IT * Ob Rem Lira of the Desert Tribe)


I'll never forget the night Crissie walked into my life, and I still think there was nothing random   in the fact that I was there that evening and that she had been "booked" the previous evening.  Destiny wanted her to open my heart to this world, that I began to dedicate to cats  all my free time.   It was   a flash of light and a passion  fulminant.   He brought back the joy   meowing, the joy of the trills, the mystery of  its magnetic felinity. I can never thank fate enough for putting her in my way.