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The females

Hic Sunt Leones Gaya


Daughter of  Hic Sunt Leones Cindy Lauper and Hic Sunt Leones Figaro, born on April 5, 2021, was highly desired. Mom made us very proud by becoming National Winner in Belgium in 2019 and the father is a descendant of lines  very important for our selection. She is a Black  Silver Tortie blotched with white,  heir to great-grandmother Flirty e   Great-grandmother Ziva, with great-grandfather Jonny's genes inside ...  in her 10 years of our selection work  and our passion for this breed.  Smart and naughty, we hope she behaves well on the show!

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Raffaella Olimpian *RU


After a lot of searching, she is finally with us! Thanks to Yulia Chugunova for entrusting this marvel to us. The character is so  affectionate that  you fall in love and she passes it onto her  children entirely. She has a blue silver ticked with white coat that gives her a unique charm,  beyond  being silky and  brilliant. Textbook profile and chin, beautiful ears and  the tail that completes the image  of a luxury young Maine coon beauty ! The look is deceiving: it seems  cold and  glacial while she is very sweet and sunny. 


Hollycoon Ekaterina II Alekseevna


When Andrea Amaroli  by IT*Hollycoon offered us this kitten we were immediately delighted to welcome her into our  home.  At the beginning  very shy with us then she chose Gianni as her reference, whereas with the other cats she immediately acclimatized and formed a good bond, based on the game and the  snuggles. She has a beautiful texture coat,   long and silky,  the pure white  with  just enough brown to give it  a perfect balance of color. Very balanced and precise head in the details of the standard.


Hic Sunt Leones Gloria Gaynor

Figlia di  Diamante e Chris Cornell, nata il 21 Dicembre 2021,  è una brown ticked con bianco.

Una testa meravigliosa, una tigratura ticked molto definita, ha tutte le caratteristiche giuste da trasmettere ai suoi cuccioli.

Gloria Gaynor