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The idea of Treggatti

Breeding is studying, even if you start as a joke, just to make a litter, the natural thing is to start getting information. From there to understand that there is always something else to know, other topics to be explored, updates to follow ... is a moment. So, since we like to study, we have decided to publish our acquired knowledge in this section.

The exhibitions

His Sunt Leones Febo

Going to an exhibition is not just participating in a competition, on the contrary the competition is a marginal part. What really matters is dealing with an objective judgment on one's breeding work.  

If then yes  is it simple enthusiasts or owners of a purebred cat? There are other good reasons ...


Hic Sunt Leones Dexter

What do we mean by mentoring?  

Quite simply, to help, absolutely free of charge, those who want to embark on the great adventure of having a litter, because  it is not enough to put two cats together and get things done  all to Mother Nature. It takes much more ...

Ethical code

Hic Sunt Leones Titania

Breeding is not about putting cats together and seeing what happens. It wants  say being accountable to  the living beings we choose to bring into the world, ensuring them the best, whether they stay with us or go to a new family. And then there are some rules that we have imposed on ourselves, and that  new families must respect ...

Do you want to breed?

Hic Sunt Leones Jannick Noah

Breeding is a long, but mostly expensive, obstacle course, and just having well  clear in mind your goal allows you to  optimize your investment of time and money. And precisely for this reason, it is always better to be aware of what you are going to encounter right away ...

What is a hosting?

Hic Sunt Leones BabyDoll

Hosting is a form of contract between individuals that allows you to  "host" a purebred cat, both from   reproduction that from show, or both,  and to become the owner after a certain period of time, at cost  much more content than a  Cub.  Who wouldn't dream of showing off a splendid feline without taking on all the costs necessary to make it grow and reproduce? ....

Choose a purebred cat

Hic Sunt Leones Beyonce

The concept of purebred cat is not yet deeply rooted in the collective imagination, but the breeds  felines exist, and each has its own characteristics.

And choosing the right breed for the family you live in is important ...

The costs of a puppy

cuccioli HIc Sunt Leones 2020

It is easy to say that purebred cats are expensive.  But have you ever lined up how much it costs  really give birth to a cat and have healthy kittens for a family with all possible health guarantees?

Look here ...

Why "for breeding"?

Ob rem lira della Tribù del Deserto, Crissie per gli amici

Often  they ask us why we don't sell puppies  from reproduction  (for breeding).  The answer lies in three little words: birth control!

You really think it's a good idea that eight to ten puppies  of a litter breed indiscriminately  without any kind of guarantee? Not all that scucciola is gold ...

Why "for show"?

His Sunt Leones Febo

The  Show is the time  where their breeding work is judged by experienced people and who have seen thousands of cats in their career as judges. And being told that your cat might be a little better here, or a little better there, it should be accepted, but it's not nice. Better  be sure you have a show cat.   And how to be ??? ...

The external mount

Hic Sunt Leones Elianto

Occasionally it may happen that you have to use mating with cats from another breeding, either for reasons of opportunity or to establish a collaboration.

There are many steps to take before mating, and it's good to be prepared for them ...

Color in cats

Hic Sunt Leones Tula Tash

I wanted a black cat ... or brindle ... or a tortie ... or a brown, but with white ... of course a nice silver, maybe in the smoke version ... with all the  different colors that a cat, whether purebred or not, can have, you have to lose your head !!!

Don't worry, it's all explained here!

The pedigree

Hic Sunt Leones Eritea

But is pedigree really unnecessary? I don't have to do exhibitions anyway, or do I have to reproduce the cat ... Yet pedigree is not a simple piece of paper, it is something  of fundamental,  and, listen, listen, it costs a maximum of 26 euros!  In fact, we give it to you ...

Amazed? Read a little here ...

The genetics of cloaks for dummies


Given a certain mating between cats of a certain color, it is not difficult to understand how they could be  the possible colors in puppies.

Just have a little patience and read here:

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