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Ethical code

Hic Sunt Leones Eduardo De Filippo

First of all, because a Code of Ethics: many mistakenly think that breeding cats of fine breed is a source of income. In the collective imagination, breeding is an activity that takes place in large numbers, and in the quantity there is the so-called economy of scale, the costs that are reduced because convenient contracts are obtained with the veterinarian, with the feed supplier, and everything. what you need.

In reality, those who raise cats for families have a different objective from the breeder of meat for slaughter or fur: the subject sold must be well, quickly acclimatize to the new family, not be easily traumatized by the change of environment, by car travel, etc. .…, Be prepared to share his life with other humans or friends of humans, dogs, other cats or fish.

And goodbye economy of scale: cats are raised at home and at   everyone is guaranteed an adequate space, personalized nutrition based on age, condition and other variables. This means that the number of cats that you can take care of will never be the one necessary to reduce costs by spreading them on a fair number of kittens sold per year.

When you realize this, that is, you realize the amount of expense items, the wisest people sell and sterilize cats and go back to doing what they did before. Others (I don't use words to define them so as not to have to confess 6 times a day for 6 years, in the environment we call them "scucciolatori") begin policies of "saving" first and then of "exploitation".

Poor food, veterinary visits only when absolutely unavoidable, genetic tests not at all, echocardium one in life if all goes well, and the one that hurts the most ...   two or three litters a year for mares until   last. To aggravate all this there is often no control over mating: fathers with daughters, mothers with sons and brothers and sisters ...  I stop here because I already have the instinct of the ferocious beast.

Those like us who share their life, their home, their time (including holidays) with cats have the conviction that they have a soul, a heart, a sensitivity and an emotionality that is completely comparable to ours.  

This is the reason for the code of ethics: for us it is essential that those who take cats from us respect and understand (the two things together mean "share") our values. And therefore:

1) All cats are sold with the pedigree, it costs us 10 € and we give it away. This is a guarantee for the buyer who is sure of having a fine breed cat, knowing well which lines it comes from;

2) The puppies are delivered at least 12 weeks (84 days) of age with two vaccinations and two deworming, according to the protocol used by our trusted veterinarians;

3) The puppies are delivered only after having stipulated a regular contract,   which commits us reciprocally to always be active in the care and well-being of the puppy sold.  The  transfer of ownership we do it immediately;

4) Anyone who purchases a breeding puppy from Hic Sunt Leones undertakes to apply this code of ethics and to have it applied to the people who purchase the puppies that are the children of a Hic Sunt Leones;

5) For us, birth control is an important thing. Catteries are full of creatures in need of affection and attention. We are committed to bringing into the world only the number of puppies to which we can provide a home and a family and we are committed to giving them the best starting conditions, meaning by this the utmost care in the selection of healthy genetic lines, controls. pre- and post-natal, adequate food integration if necessary, healthy environment and socialization aimed at family life. To do this, the majority of puppies will be sold as pets, ie without the right of reproduction;

6)  proceeds from sales  they must be sufficient to allow us to take care of all cats until the last of their days, even those no longer useful for breeding, even the puppies that have very little hope of succeeding.  Without falling into therapeutic fury, we will never kill a cat that can be cured. 

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