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The value of the contract

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One of the key elements of a purebred cat purchase is undoubtedly the contract. The reasons are exquisitely practical and have nothing to do with the emotional part of the purchase. However, they allow us to wake up from the enchanting thrill of "oh my God, I will have the puppy I have dreamed of so much" and do the right things and then fall back into the bliss of "oh my, how wonderful my puppy" and enjoy it peacefully.

First of all, reading a contract from top to bottom makes us reflect on the responsibilities we are taking on. In our contract for example, we ask to keep the cat in good health and keep it vaccinated, to protect it from dangerous situations and hostile people / situations / animals. It all seems trivial and obvious but if you read it carefully it means putting windows and balconies in safety, preventing in any way that stray or wild animals can come into contact even occasionally and indirectly. It means that if my cat in my garden can find the poop of a stray it can become infected and with this knowledge I cannot send it to the garden without supervision. It means that the cat must not be able to jump or fall out of the house and I must put on nets and protections to avoid it as much as possible.

We assume the responsibility not to reproduce it outside of a specific agreement with the breeder, not to sell it to third parties, not to leave it alone for too many hours ... All things that should be considered before signing.

On the other hand, the breeder, we certainly, assumes legal obligations by writing that the cat can be returned within 15 days if it is found not perfectly healthy. Now many tell us that they would never, ever dream of returning a cat in need of care, but at that point the law requires you to return the amount paid for the purchase. We do more: we put a one-year guarantee on genetic and hereditary diseases. This must be read and appreciated because it is the measure of how much we have committed ourselves to date in the fight against genetic and hereditary diseases, HCM in the first place.

Another not secondary element: if I put on paper that the cat is a purebred then I MUST give you the pedigree recognized by the MIPAAF Ministry, otherwise I am punishable with a very high administrative penalty.

Therefore the contract is not important because in case of disputes it can be defended in court, an eventuality to be avoided as much as possible, but because it puts you before your responsibilities and the breeder's in a completely pragmatic and rational way. And with this clarity and transparency you can fully enjoy your puppy!

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