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Hic Sunt Leones Keanu Reeves


Keanu è  nato l'8/11/22, e fin dall'inizio  si vedeva che aveva qualcosa di speciale. Potremmo quasi dire che fosse il cucciolo più armonica-mente preciso mai nato in allevamento. Dentro ci sono 6 generazioni di Hic Sunt Leones, 15 anni di lavoro e selezione, dalle linee originarie della Tribù del Deserto passando per Peshewafarm di Johhny e Flirty, Honeybee di Ziva e Arianna, Trillo Team di VIP, ed è venuto fuori un piccolo capolavoro.

Oltre alle caratteristiche tecniche e alla stazza,  anche il carattere è qualcosa di speciale.

Non scordiamoci poi, la sua già eccellente carriera da Show, dove conta il titolo di Junior Winner e un Best di Varietà Totale alla Mondiale del  2023, a soli 11 mesi.


Hic Sunt Leones Figaro


Figaro  was born on January 26, 2020, son of   Hic Sunt Leones Chris Cornell  and of  Hic Sunt Leones Baby Doll.  We really like his expressive, big eyes , the intense, rich color, the reserved character but, in spite of it, always present in the family, and above all, that chubby muzzle  that you would give him a thousand kisses a minute.  Beautiful profile and high placement of the ears, open at the base and soaring with their lynx tufts!  But his most appreciated quality in breeding is that he is a fantastic babysitter!  He socialises and entertain all kittens,  not only his!​

Jannik Sinner

Hic  Sunt Leones Febo


And then it happens that you fall in love at first glance, as soon as you open your eyes a little.  It reminds you of her mom when she was little, and her dad too, and you decide you owe it   to hold...  but you can not. So you think about who could keep it and let you play with it every now and then, have it reproduced with your cats ...  The friend  trustworthy Chiara, that's who !!!  Bring it to me at the expo too, right Chiara?  Siììììììì



Yossi Vivacoon * PL


It is difficult to find a male to raise and breed to make him the future   father of your puppies after so many years in which our tastes have refined.  Very precise characteristics are sought to give continuity to the type and improve it further.

Luck would have it that Yossi hadn't already been optioned  when I started "bothering" Vivacoon's Maciej .

Born on February 7, 2020, he immediately won our hearts. 

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