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Hic Sunt Leones Berenice


She was born on 10 April 2016, daughter of Trilloteam VIP and Pink Diamonds Dustin. From the father he takes the cut of the eyes and the thick and velvety coat, from the mother the large and well placed ears. The character is that of all Hic Sunt Leones, affectionate and playful. Our little girl is the granddaughter of a World Winner and you can see it from the princely attitude, from the royalty of her silky coat, from the colors rich in pigment, from the sheen   and the whiteness of white.


Hic Sunt Leones Erin Brokovich


Daughter of Diamante  and Hic Sunt Leones Buster,  she takes the silver gene from the father and the charm from the mother, the balance  and the magnetism of both. She has a beautiful black silver coat  with a pure white collar that give her an elegant and captivating air.  Born on July 29th  2019,  due to the pandemic she did not have an exhibition career. She will have a good breeding career though and she will give us  lots of satisfactions!


Hic Sunt Leones Gaya


Daughter of  Hic Sunt Leones Cindy Lauper and Hic Sunt Leones Figaro, born on April 5, 2021, was highly desired. Mom made us very proud by becoming National Winner in Belgium in 2019 and the father is a descendant of lines  very important for our selection. She is a Black  Silver Tortie blotched with white,  heir to great-grandmother Flirty e   Great-grandmother Ziva, with great-grandfather Jonny's genes inside ...  in her 10 years of our selection work  and our passion for this breed.  Smart and naughty, we hope she behaves well on the show!


Hic Sunt Leones Chris Cornell


Chris Cornell was born on January 4, 2017, the beloved son of  Hic Sunt Leones Yannick Noah  and  Honeybee Arianna .

From an early age he was noted for his big yellow eyes, taken from his mother, which stand out on the black, thick and shiny fur. He has a spectacular, affectionate and cuddly character, and a charming look that bewitches you. Our most experienced stallion.

Let's not forget his excellent show career, where he counts a Best of Variety total at the World Cat Show in 2017.