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Hic Sunt Leones Berenice

The exhibition chapter would be very long, to avoid very boring technical explanations, we refer that part to other pages.  

It's a world divided in two,  in fact the reasons why  take into consideration the idea of going there they change a lot if you are a breeder  or simple enthusiasts.

In my opinion, the former, at least at the beginning of their activity, "must go there" because the place where you learn the most  about the standard,  you meet other breeders and create a network of knowledge that is fundamental for associative activities and more, you compare yourself with colleagues from any   origin,  "de-provincializing" one's eye in the evaluation  of the subjects of the breed being bred. I distrust (but it is my personal matter) of all those who do not go there and have never gone there. Who  escapes   by comparison it might   be   to breed a  kind of cat that doesn't look like  more to the typical cat of that breed. Perhaps he may not realize that he has lost the balance of characteristics by excessively privileging one aspect to the detriment of another. For example the weight  to the detriment of proportions, the size of the head to the detriment of that of the ears, or the size of the ears to the detriment of the shape of the eyes.

I can understand who has been there for years and then decides not to want to return, but who has never gone there  and not  has ever submitted his work to judgment  in expo,  can't say to  "select" according to a standard but only for your personal taste, and you can see the difference.

The enthusiast can have a double experience:  get on  listening to the judges during the judgment at the table, choosing the judge who speaks the most, describes of  more and does a little more "show", or go to the "best in show" time (usually in the afternoon) and enjoy the catwalk of cats on stage vying for the title of "most beautiful cat of the day". In reality of these proclamations there are at least 6 per category plus that for "house cats" if  there are. The  there are 4 categories,  the Maine Coons are in  category 2, and the Best competition classes are 6  Adult Male  Entire,  Adult Whole Female, Puppy  Junior 7/10 months, Kitten Puppy  4/7 months, Male  Neutral and Neutral Female (neutrals are neutered cats).

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