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Where can I find it?

Cuccioli Hic Sunt Leones

Absolutely the best place to go  look for a Maine Coon  is a Cattery.

We absolutely advise against looking for them  in shops, with families who have improvised "breeders"  just because they bought a cat with or without a pedigree, and on so-called specialized sites. In many cases  the origini of these kittens is doubtful.  

The  catteries to be taken into consideration are those belonging to associations recognized by the Italian MIPAAF (Ministry of Agricultural and Food Policies  and Forestry).  

They must always offer you cats with Pedigree (Genealogical Certificate).

Let's explain: a pedigree costs from € 10 up to a maximum of €  26... if they offer you a higher discount it is obvious that there is a problem.

The point is that  to obtain a regular pedigree a breeder must carry out a series of genetic tests,  heart ultrasounds and cardiological visits, you have to be willing to receive checks,  carry out birth reports for individual litters and have the breeders qualified by approval  of veterinarians who certify the absence of anomalies. So those who offer substantial discounts in return of your renunciation to  the official pedigree,  has something wrong with either the clinical examinations or the validity of the parents' pedigrees, so he prefers to skip the whole part from the litter report onwards.

The advice is to prefer catteries that can be visited, where the parents of the kittens are visible,  where you can consult genetic tests and health records. Of course, you don't have to master all of these things first, even verifying that a pedigree is authentic isn't easy. But during the visit you can ask the right questions to determine if the person in front of you inspires confidence and if it is easy for you  to   interact with this person, because it will be important, for the first few months and beyond  after you get a kitten, to feel free  to call for more questions  inherent to the cohabitation and management part, questions that you cannot ask to the vet.

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