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Why a Maine Coon?

Hic Sunt Leones Diamante

For a few decades now, the Maine Coon's fortune has grown year after year, to become the most loved cat by Italian families. Every year the Italian National Feline Association (ANFI) of which we belong, issues an average of 2500 new pedigrees (Genealogical certificates). What is this luck due to?

It is aesthetically pleasing perhaps because it is nothing more than the amplification of the cat that we have all come to know, it has no oddities, no   forces us to review our beauty standards.  It is bigger, it has more tail, it has more hair... but it is a cat, more imposing, more massive   but in the end with the same colors as our common cats.

But if we can argue about aesthetics, the character is  objectively  his beauty!  AND  he's   a relationship cat, he loves human company,  he is an angel with children,  he gets along well with other pets from dogs to turtles,  passing  from rabbits and from  various birds.

At home he is always next to you, at the computer, on the sofa, in the kitchen. You really feel that he is getting in tune with the family to the point of even feeling if someone is getting a cold or if  someone is sad. Then, he never goes away  more than   10 cm,  offering physical and moral support.

He is a playmate for adults and children, funny and  fun, napping buddy on the couch,  with his powerful snore he reconciles sleep and relieves tension.  Italian families  have been  learning  to appreciate the thousand excellent reasons for wanting one.

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