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Why "for show"?

Hic Sunt Leones BabyDoll

We started because  we thought it would serve to expand the demand for puppies and allow us to make a good selection of families to entrust our kittens to. I have the professional deformation of selection (of personnel) and I know that the quality depends on the shortlist of candidates: the wider it is, the more chances you have of making the best choice.

So, having had puppies in the summer and for fear of not finding them a worthy family, we signed up for the first expo in September. In reality we had sold all the puppies but by now we were registered and we had promised to  Francesca  (lucky mother of Biagio) that we would take her new partner for a ride.  

There was a basic attraction but if we hadn't known  Monica and Chiara (Joycoon Venice) would never have taken the first step.

To be honest, some hypotheses have turned out to be right and others less but about one thing,   years after that first time, we are sure: there is nothing beautiful about going to the expo   with a non-show cat.

Meanwhile, he is being targeted by a series of characters who di  in the face of your disappointment for an EX2   they aim to help you understand how to introduce the cat and then they end up  convince you to buy one from them.   I exaggerate.

The most interesting thing is  meet people with the same passion as you, share experiences and knowledge with them, confront and learn, learn and learn.

Even if one were to do it for mere commercial purposes, which has never been the case again  our case, being there to be told by the judge that our cat here could be taller, here it could be longer, here stronger and there more robust ... well it's not funny at all.

So: having the good fortune to have litters with one or two show specimens  we also introduce ourselves to the world as show cat breeders ...  If we hadn't had numerous confirmations,  not even a   nice check would have been  enough  to send a   Leones  to be told it's in the wrong place!

There  we're busy  a lot, I became an international FIFe judge,  we have studied the Standard in detail and   we can confirm that going on show with a competitive cat  And  the only way to go on show and have fun.

And then, sorry for the immodesty, in our 13 years  cats got 65 Best in Show, and  216  Best nomination. Numbers never lie!

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